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26o   Art of Travel.

end of the lever rest against the stake : the pressure of the hammer will keep the lever steady against the stake. To prevent the lower end of the stake flying out, from the pressure of the lever on the upper part, place a log or stone against the foot.

" An animal pushing against the black string, draws the upper end of the stake towards the muzzle, until the lever is disengaged and releases the hammer.

" In laying the long arm of the lever against the slake sufficient play must be allowed for the contraction of the black string, when wet by dew or rain.

" If a double gun is set, two stakes and two levers will be required. The stakes to be connected above and below the gun, by cross sticks. The levers must be passed round the combs the opposite way, to allow of the long arms pressing outwards from the gun, and enable the levers to disengage without entangling.

" The carcase or live bait must be hedged round, and means adopted to guide the leopard across the string, by running out a short hedge on one side. In this case the black line to be set taut, and some 4 inches from the line of fire. The breast then catches the string, and the push releases the hammer when the muzzle is in line with the chest.

"On this principle, two or more guns can be set, slightly varying in elevation, to allow of one barrel at least being effective."

Bow and Arrow set for Beasts.-The Chinese have some equivalent contrivance with bows and arrows. M. Hue tells us that a simply constructed machine is sold in the shops, by which, when sprung, a number of poisoned arrows are fired off in succession. These machines are planted in caves of sepulture, to guard them from pillage. They use spring-guns, and used to have spring-bows in Sweden, and in many other countries.

Knives.-Hunting-knife.--A great hunting-knife is a useless encumbrance : no old sportsman or'traveller cares to encumber himself with one ; but a butcher's knife, carried in a sheath, is excellent, both from its efcient shape, the soft quality of