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Guns and R fles.


breech-socket, extending far back to within six inches of the shoulder plate ; the trigger-guard should likewise be steel, and should be carried back to an equal distance with the above rib ; the steel should be of extra thickness, and screwed through to the upper piece ; thus the two being connected by screws above and below, no fall could break the stock."

Injuries to Guns, to repair.-Pamrod tubes often break off, and it is a very troublesome accident when they do so. I know of no contrivance to fasten them on again, except by using soft solder, the application of which will not in the least hurt the gun : ashes, at a dull red heat, must be heaped over the barrel to warm it sufficiently, before applying the solder. If the ramrod tubes have been lost, others made of tin may replace them.

The Sight of a Gun, if it falls out and is lost, can easily be replaced by a substitute. A groove must be cut with a file across the substance of the barrel, if the gun be a single one, or across the midrib, if double-barrelled ; into this, a piece of iron, ivory, bone, horn, or hard wood, with a projection carved in the middle for the sight, must be pushed, then the metal on either side must be battered down over it, with a hammer or stone, to keep it firm.

A broken Stock, however much it may be smashed, can be well mended by raw hide (see " Hides"). Blacksmith's work and carpentering are seldom sufficient for the purpose. It is within the power of a rough workman to make a gun-stock, but it is a work of great labour.

A Ramrod may be replaced by cutting a stick from a tree, straightening it in the fire, and then seasoning it. (See " Green Wood.")

Guns to hang up, to carry, and to elean.-Hanga%ng Guns to a Wall.-Fix a loop of leather for the muzzle, and a strap and buckle for the stock, with a piece of sheepskin or canvas nailed so as to hang over it, as, in fig. 1. A more complete way is to sew a long pocket with a flap to it, which is tied up on to a stick or bar, as in fig. 2 : the gun has simply to be