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Food   207

hole. A fire of red-hot embers is placed on the floor of the hole ; and the bread about to be baked is laid upon the lowermost stone. Lastly, another flat stone is used to close the mouth of the oven : it is set with its edge on the floor of the hole : it leans forward with the middle of its face resting against the front edge of the lowermost stone, a narrow interval being left between its top and the edge of the uppermost stone. This interval serves as a vent to the hot air from the embers, which takes the course shown in the figure. The oven should be thoroughly heated before the bread is put in.

Baking between two stones.-For baking slices of meat or thin cakes, it is sufficient to lay one large stone above another with. a few pebbles between, to prevent them from touching. Next make a large fire about the stones until they are thoroughly hot; then sweep away the embers, and insert the slices.

Ant hills as Ovens.-Where there are no stones of which ovens may be built, and where there are old white-ant hills, the natives commonly dig holes in the sides of the ant hills and use them for that purpose.

Clay Ovens.-I have heard of a very neat construction, built with clay, in which grass had been kneaded. A fire was lit inside, to dry the work as it progressed; while the builder placed rings of clay, in tiers, one above the other, until a complete dome was made without mould or framework. Time was allowed for each ring to dry sufficiently, before the next one was added.

Baking beneath a e.-A small piece of meat, enough for four or five people, can be baked by simply scraping a tolerably deep hole under the bivouac fire ; putting in the meat rolled in the skin to which it is attached, and covering it with earth and fire. It is a slow process of cooking, for it requires many hours ; but the meat, when done, is soft and juicy, and the skin gelatinous and excellent.

" _Meat, previously wrapped up in paper or cloth, may be baked in a clay case, in any sort of pit or oven, well covered