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III.-Mr. Austin's Allowances in Western Australia.

Flour   . . Boned salt pork (say a little more

lean than fat) ..   ..   . Sugar ,.


I   C.   N.   Total.

12'8   I   2.9   15.7

Gross weight in ounces.

Real Nutriment.


8.0   1.9   2.1   4.0?

3.0   3.0   ..   3.0 0.75

29.75 I   17.7   5.0   22.7

IV.-A Sepoy's Full Rations are :

Gross   Real Nutriment. Weight

in ounces.

C.   N.   Total.

Wheaten Flour .. .. 32 22.8 5.2 29.0 Pulse .. .. 4 2.2 1.0 3.2 Butter    1   1.0   0.0   1.0

37   26.0   6'2   33.3

Game was occasionally shot, by which the serious deficiency in Class N must have been supplied. At the same time, I must say that Australian explorers seem to travel exceedingly well on unusually scanty diets.

Food Suitable for the Stores of Travellers.-The most portable kind of food is, unquestionably, the flesh of cattle ; for the beasts carry themselves. The draught oxen used in African and Australian explorations serve as a last resource, when all other food is wanting.

It has been truly remarked with reference to Australian exploring expeditions, that if an exploring party would make up their minds to eat horseflesh, stores of provisions might be largely dispensed with. A few extra horses could be taken ; and one shot occasionally, and its flesh dried and slightly salted, sufficiently to preserve it from becoming tainted before the men could consume it.

Portable Food,-The kinds of food that are the most port-