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Art of Travel.

Phosphate of ammonia is cheap enough to allow of its introduction into common use, so that it may be employed at each wash. Phosphate of ammonia is obtained by saturating the biphosphate of lime with liquid ammonia."

Sewing Materials.-An outfit of sewing materials consists of needles and thread ; scissors ; tailor's thimble;, wax ; canvas needles, including the smaller sizes which are identical with glove needles and are used for sewing leather ; twine ; a palm ; awls for cobbling, both straight and curved; cobbler's wax ; and, possibly, bristles. The needles and awls in use are conveniently carried in some kind of metal tube, with wads of cork at either end, to preserve their points. (See also the chapter on " Thread, for stitches," &c.)

Articles of Dress.-Hats and Caps.-There is no perfect headdress ; but I notice that old travellers in both hot and temperate countries have generally adopted a scanty " wide-awake." Mr. Oswell, the South African sportsman and traveller, used for years, and strongly recommended to me, a brimless hat of fine Panama grass, which he had sewn as a lining to an ordinary wide-awake. I. regret I have had no opportunity of trying this combination, but can easily believe that the touch of the cool, smooth grass, to the wet brow, would be more agreeable than that of any other material. I need hardly mention Pith hats (to be bought under the Opera Colonnade, Pall Mall), Indian topees, and English hunting-cans, as having severally many merits. A muslin turban twisted into a rope and rolled round the hat is a common plan to keep the sun from the head and spire : it can also be used as a rope on an emergency.

Coat.-In nine cases out of ten, a strong but not too thick tweed coat is the best for rough work. In a very thorny country, a leather coat is almost essential. A blouse, cut short so as to clear the saddle, is neat, cool, and easy, whether as a riding or walking costume. Generally speaking, the traveller will chiefly spend his life in his shirt-sleeves, and will only use his coat when he -wants extra warmth.

To carry a Coat.-There are two ways. The first is to fold it small and strap it to the belt. If the coat be a light one it

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