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Art of Travel.

be replaced by a piece of wood, or even by a thong of leather. Every explorer's wagon should be furnished with a break.

Fig. 2.

A simple break, used in Italy, in some parts of England, and probably elsewhere, is shown in fig. 3. A rail is lashed to the body of the cart, both before and behind the wheel, and is made to press against the wheel. Either both lashings can be tightened at the same time, as at A, A ; or only one of them, as at B. When the lashings are loose, the rail rests partly on the nave of the wheel and does not sensibly interfere with its movement.

Other Means (f Checking a Wagon
on a Hill-side.-In going down a
steep hill a middling-sized tree may
be felled, and its root tied to the
hind axletree, while its branchy top
sweeps along the ground, as is seen in the lowermost wagon in

Fig. 3.