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pleted, we observed that the hay-calf had neither feet nor head ; whereupon it occurred to us that, after all, it was perhaps a pillow that the Lama contemplated. We were in error ; but the error was not dissipated till the next morning, when our herdsman went to milk his cow. Seeing him issue forth-the pail in one hand, the hay-calf under the other arm-the fancy occurred to us to follow him. His first proceeding was to put the hay-calf down before the cow. He then turned to milk the cow herself. The mamma at first opened enormous eyes at her beloved infant ; by degrees she stooped her head towards it, then smelt at it, sneezed three or four times, and at last proceeded to lick it with the most delightful tenderness. This spectacle grated against our sensibilities : it seemed to us that he who first invented this parody upon one of the most touching incidents in nature must have been a man without a heart. A somewhat burlesque circumstance occurred one day, to modify the indignation with which this treachery inspired us. By dint of caressing and licking her little calf, the tender parent one fine morning unripped it: the hay issued from within ; and the cow, manifesting not the slightest surprise nor agitation, proceeded tranquilly to devour the unexpected provender."

The Highlanders used this contrivance, and called it a "Tulchan " : hence King James's bishops were nicknamed "Tulchan bishops," to imply that they were officials of straw, merely setup as a means of milking the Scotch people of their money, in the form of church-dues.

Camels.-Camels are only fit for a few countries, and require practised attendants ; thorns and rocks lame them, hills sadly impede them, and a wet slippery soil entirely stops them.

Elephants.-They are expensive and delicate, but excellent beasts of burden, in rainy tropical countries. The traveller should make friends with the one he regularly rides, by giving it a piece of sugar-cane or banana before mounting. A sore back is a certain obstacle to a continuance of travel ; there is no remedy for it but rest. The average burden, furniture included, but excluding the driver, is 500 lbs., and the full average day's journey 15 miles.

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