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Medicine.   23

Litter for the Wounded.-If a man be wounded or sick, and has to be carried upon the shoulders of others, make a litter for him in the Indian fashion ; that is to say, cut two stout poles, each 8 feet long, to make its two sides, and three other cross-bars of 22 feet each, to be lashed to them. Then supporting this ladder-shaped framework over the sick man as he lies in his blanket, knot the blanket up well to it, and so carry him off palanquin-fashion. One cross-bar will be just behind his head, another in front of his feet; the middle one will cross his stomach, and keep him from falling out ; and there will remain two short handles for the carriers to lay hold of. The American Indians carry their wounded companions by this contrivance after a fight, and during a hurried retreat, for wonderful distances. A kind of waggon-roof top can easily be made to it, with bent boughs and one spare blanket. (See Palanquin.)