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Outfit.   I I

Natural History (for an occasional collector) :-   lbs.

Arsenical soap, 2 lbs. ; camphor, } lb. ; pepper, ¢ lb.; bag of some powder

to absorb blood, 2 lbs.; tow and cotton, about 10 lbs.; scalpel, forceps, scissors, &c., -- lb. ; sheet brass, stamped for labels, # lb   16

Pill-boxes; cork; insect-boxes; pins; tin, for catching, and keeping, and killing, animals; nets for butterflies (say bags and all)    10

Geological hammers, lens, clinometer, &c,   4

Specimens. (I make no allowance for the weight of these, for they accumulate as stores are used up; and the total weight is seldom increased.)

Total weight of Natural History materials (for an occasional collector)

Stores for Individual Use.

For each white man (independently of duration of journey) :-   lbs.

Clothes; macintosh rug; ditto sheet; blanket-bag ; spare blanket .. 30 Share of plates, knives, forks, spoons, pannikins, or bowls    2

Share of cooking-things, iron pots, coffee-mill, kettles, &c   3

Spare knife, flints, steel, tinder-box, tinder, four pipes    2 Bags, 6 lbs. 6 Provisions for emergency

Five days of jerked meat, at 3 lbs. a day (on an average)   .. ..   15

Two quarts of water (on an average), 4 lbs. ; share of kegs, if lb.   8

Total for each white man   66

For each white man, and for each six months :-   lbs.

Tea and coffee, 9 lbs. ; tobacco, 6 lbs. ; salt, 6 lbs. ; pepper, 1 lb. 22 Brandy or rum, occasionally served out .. 6 White sugar, 2 lbs. ; arrowroot, 1 lb. ; dried onions, &c., 3 lbs... 6 Ammunition for small-bored rifles, with reserve powder and caps   ..   9

Total for six months..   43 (or at the rate of 7 lbs. per month).

For each black man (independently of duration of journey) :-   Ibs.

Bedding, &c. .. 9 Meat and water for emergencies, as above (about)    19

Share of cooking-things   2

Total for each black man   ,    30

Fur each black man, and for each six months:-   lbs.

Tobacco, 6 lbs. ; salt, pepper, &c., 5 lbs   11

Presents which will have to be made him from time to time   6

Total for six months   17 (or at the rate of 3 lbs, per month).