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THIS Edition does not differ materially from the fourth. I have incorporated some new material, including Colomb and Bolton's flashing signals, but in other respects the Work is little altered. I therefore reprint the


IN publishing a Fourth Edition of the ` Art of Travel,' it is well that I should preface it with a few words of explanation on the origin and intention of the Book and on the difference between this and former Editions.

The idea of the work occurred to me when exploring South-western Africa in 1850-51. I felt acutely at that time the impossibility of obtaining sufficient information on the subjects of which it treats ; for though the natives of that country taught me a great deal, it was obvious that their acquaintance with bush lore was exceedingly partial and limited. Then remembering how the traditional maxims and methods of travelling in each country differ from those of others, and how every traveller discovers some useful contrivances for himself, it appeared to me, that I should do welcome service to all who have to rough it,-whether explorers, emigrants, missionaries or soldiers,*-by collecting the scattered expe

* " ... the soldier should be taught all such practical expedients and their philosophy, as are laid clown in Mr. Galton's useful little

book . . ." -Minute by the late Sir James Outiom on Army

Management.' FarUroneitary Returna, 330, of flay 24, P' 60, p. 1,59.