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Sedley, Catherine (Countess of Dorchester), character and ancestry of, 119-20; portrait of, 119 Plate XIV

Sedley, Sir Charles, character of, 120; notices of, 120; portrait of, 127 Plate XXI

Sedley, Sir William, founder of Sedleian professorship, Oxford, ancestor of Francis Galton, 121

Seeds, inheritance of weight and diameter of, in mother and daughter plants, 11392, IIIA 3-7

Seeley, Prof. J. R., and 'The Reader,' 11 68

Segregation, of the feeble-minded, MA 365-367, and their happiness under it, IIIA 373-374

Selection, and variation, II 171; Darwin's Natural, 1117 1; Galton's Germinal, 11171, 185, 186; Pearson's Reproductive, IIIB 505 etc.; effect of long-continued, 11399; and man, 1172-73; artificial, 11 120; of plants grown in windy and still air, IIIA 131-132, 133; selection of germinal elements, II 172; stringent, in man, 11 263-264; effect of artificial, on birth-rate, IIIA 92; effect of continued, IIIA 93, 94; and progress, IIIA 94; and multiple regression, IIIA 94; and correlation of characters in organism, IIIA 94; of size of head in bull-dog, IIIA 94; retrograde, IIIA 95; and variability, MA 27; natural, and new forms, IIIA 32, 170; of size, and its limits, IIIA 49; observations on, MA 135; sexual, and finger-prints, IIIA 168169; natural, and finger-prints, IIIA 169

Selector, Galton's mechanical, to pick out individuals of given character, 11305, 306, IIIA 149

Self, multiple nature of,11246

Self-Consciousness, in Galton, I 93, 94

Self-Control, in criminals, II 230

Selagmann, Dr, takes Galton round Vienna hospitals and museums, 196, 97

Semlin, visited by Galton, 1133

Sensation, scale of, IIIB 493; and its source, Fechner's

Law, IIIB 464; limit of, 11307; variation in threshold

of, 11 308; faint, and the imagination, 11307, 308 Senses, keenness and discrimination of, 11359, 365 Sensitivity, of men and women, II 221; and ability,

11 222; to colour differences, Galton's instrument to

measure, 1 1226

Sentiments, influence of early, II 256, 257

Sergi, G., asks Galton's aid as to anthropometric instru

ments, 11 226; Galton meets in Italy, IIIB 474 Serpent, Galton )jumps on its tail, 1234

Services, the public, and marks for bodily efficiency,


Seton-Karr, hunter, MB 516

Seward, Anna, and Dr Erasmus Darwin, 11192, 193 Sex, and creative genius, 11 99; necessity of, in complex

organisations, II 182; advantages of, II 185; and

mental imagery, 11 242; associated with numbers,

11 253; and its origin, IIIA 135; and touch, IIIA 169;

of offspring of aged fathers, 1 1210

Sextant, examination of, at Kew, 11 49, 50, 59; super

position of photographs by aid of, 11285, 287 Sexual Attractiveness, and the origin of varieties, 11272,


Sexual Generation and Cross-fertilisation, paper by Galton, IIIA 318

Shades, measurement of resemblance in, II 303

Sheen, Margaret, recollections of Galton and Darwin,

11 196; at San Remo, MA 244; at Bordighera,

IIIA 276

Sharpey, Prof., large size of head, IIIA 248

Shaw, G. Bernard; 'Superman' of, II 109; on marriage and Eugenics, IIIA 260, 261; lectures for Eugenics Education Society, IIIA 427

Sheep, hermaphrodites in, IIIA 359; blood of, at different seasons, IIIB 564

Sheikh, incident with a, and Galton in Egypt, 1200, 205

Shell-Shock, family history of cases of, II 173; and mental overwork, 11 278

Sheppard, W. F., his table of deviates, 11401; table of centiles calculated by, IIIA 304, 312; letters of Galton to, IIIB 486, 487; dines with Galton, MB 487; his number form, IIIB 486

Shirreff, Emily, letters to Galton, II 132, 133; meets Galton in Italy, IIIB 474

Shooting, boar in Egypt, 1200; hippopotami in Egypt, I 202; lions in Africa, I 222, 223, 224; -giraffe in Africa, I 223; rhinoceroses in Africa, I 224, 237; hyena and fowl in Africa, 1231; grouse in Scotland, 1208; hunting and, 1208-209; fox-hunting, finer sport than big game, 1234

Shorthouse, John Henry, and Abrahams family, I 39; see also Pedigree Plate D in pocket of Vol. I

Short-Lived families, Buttons, 136, 37, 42, 43; Hubert Galtons, 153

Shortsightedness, inheritance of, IIIA 356. See also Sight

Shyness, resemblance in brothers, MA 247

Siblings, and `sibs,' origin of words, MA 332; finger. prints in, pairs of siblings, IIIA 189, 190, 191

Sibship, of Francis Galton, 163

Sicily, Weldon works on snails in, IIIA 251; induces Galton to visit, IIIB 525, 526

Sight, tests for, II 222, 223; maximum values for keenness of, 11 374; percentile values of keenness of, 11 376; values of keenness of, at each rank, 11 390

Silhouette Portraits, of Elizabeth Collier (Mrs Pole. and her dog), I 21, Plate XVII, I 14 Plate IV bis (as Mrs Erasmus Darwin); of Dr Erasmus Darwin and his son Erasmus at chess, I 14 Plate IV; of Dr Darwin alone, I 14 Plate IV bis; of Mrs Samuel Galton (Lucy Barclay) I 44 Plate XXVI; of Tertius Galton with his children, I 52 Plate XXXIV; of Mrs Schimmelpenninck (Mary Ann Galton), 154 Plate XXXV; of Theodore Galton, and of Adele Galton, I 54 Plate XXXV; of Erasmus Galton, I 69 Plate XLII; of Francis Galton, as a child, 162 Plate XXXIX; when aged 65, 11 310

Silhouettes, Galton's use of, II 304, 309; method of taking, II 309, 310; photographic, examples of, Galton's own, 11 310; method of indexing, IIIA 325, 326; Galton's researches on, IIIB 577, 578; on a collection, including members of Galton family, IIIB 580. See also Profiles

Simon [Sir R. M.], consulted as to 'medical histories' of individuals, 11 359; Galton studies anatomy under, at King's College, 1105

Simpson, Mrs (nee Senior), Galton visits, IIIB 513

Simpson, second wrangler to Cayley in 1842, 1164

Sin, original, influence of doctrine of, 11 85

Sires, prepotency of, in trotting horses, IIIA 99, 100, in Basset hounds, IIIA 44

Sisters, composite portraits of, II 288 Plate XXXII, 1 1288 Plate XXXIII

Sketches, of Breadsall Priory, I 74 Plate XLIII and Breadsall Church, I 74 Plate XLIV; and plan of 'The Larches,' 175 Plate XLV; of Elston Hall, 130 Plate XXIII; of Heydon Hall, I 246 Plate LXIV; of Claverdon, House and Church, 148 Plate XXIX;

of Loxton, of Dudson, of Whaley, of Hadzor, I 48

Plate XXIX; of Duddeston House, 148 Plate XXX;

from the Diary of Sir Francis Darwin's Boyhood, 116

Plate V, I 18 Plate X, 122 Plate XIX; of Francis

Galton, by Evelyne Biggs, II viii, and 11 425 Plate

LIV, by Frank Carter, II xi, and IIIA 432 Plate XL;

of d'Arnaud Bey, MB 455 Plate XLVI; water

colour, of the children of Dr Erasmus Darwin and his

wife Elizabeth, I 246; of Francis Galton in the


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