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616   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

the tragic death of Sir Archibald Geikie's only son. I am glad the Coroner returned '(accidental death." I never saw him nor any of his three gifted sisters nor his mother (who is mostly unwell), who live in Haslemere, though his father kindly comes pretty often and tells me scientific news. I write supposing you have seen what I am writing about in the newspapers. What a strange commercial world it now is. The defeated candidate here on the Liberal side is Davy, a son of the late great lawyer, Lord Davy, whom I used to know well. His income is derived from an agency to an American firm for making bandoliers for soldiers, on a principle that is partly patented, partly secret. The cylinders that hold the cartridges are woven together with the belt and so cannot come off. The firm has acquired the monopoly of supply, not only to the American and to our Armies, but also to most of the big continental nations. Each belt costs 2s. to make and is sold for £1. This was Methuen's story to me. He is a keen business Iran and stood as the Liberal candidate here last year, just as Davy is doing now; so probably his story is quite correct. Good bye, it is too early yet to send Xmas wishes; they shall go later. Eva, who has been shut up during the last week, is off to her Catholic chapel. She looks quite well, but the K is a little painful at times.

Ever affectionately, with loves to you all, FRANCIS GALTON. GRAYSIOTT HOUSE, HASLEMERE, SURREY. December 20, 1910.

DEAR MR PERRY COSTE, Excuse writing by dictation. I return your very interesting account of your boy's colour-faculty. A very great deal has been written on the subject, especially in America, so it is not surprising that Nature is not able to find room for it, but I hope it will ultimately be utilised in some other way. You do not mention how the boy sees the colours, are they in coloured figures? or are they black or white figures on a coloured ground? or is there no figure at all, but a sense of colour conveyed by the sound alone? I think you ought to get this clear, even at the cost of making the boy somewhat introspective. There must be some explanation of the reason why particular colours adhere so readily to the several figures, but the whole thing is very mysterious as yet.

I hope you are all well at Polperro. I am grown infirm and have to winter out of town.

I hear from Karl Pearson frequently, and hope to have him here shortly for one night ; he has done a truly great work. Very sincerely yours, FRANCIS GALTON.


MY DEAR MILLY, (What a blot!) You and Guy more especially must have had a wretched time of floods and tempests. We on the high ground feel like Noah on Ararat. Edward Wheler left us yesterday for a night at Loxton and M. L. leaves us to-day. The glorious frosty sunshine of this morning picks me up. I have been "throaty" and obliged to rest a good deal. Karl Pearson comes this afternoon for one night. I am saving my voice for him. KantsaJwhere must be smothered or be superseded. It has been an amusement and has cleared my thoughts to write it. So now let it go to "Wont-say-where." My very best New Year wishes to all of you and best love. Ever affectionately yours, FRANCIS GALTON.


DEAR Miss ELDERTON, First-my best new year wishes to you, to Dr Heron and to Miss Barrington, with many thanks for your joint Christmas Greeting. Enclosed I return both The Child and the New Zealand papers. It is gratifying that Eugenics has taken so strong a hold there. Professor Pearson will probably have mentioned that he has been with me. It gave me great pleasure to see him apparently not at all jaded by his hard work. I have read and shall re-read the recent Eugenics publications, full of hard and conscientious work.

Very faithfully yours, FRANCIS GALTON.


HOCHVEREHRTER SIR FRANCIS! Nach langeren Bemiihungen ist es mir gelungen, eine Photographie des Otjikoto Sees im Damaraland zu erhalten. Ich sende Ihnen anbei zwei Photos der Stelle ein, auf denen Ihr Name eingemeisselt ist. Ich verdanke die Photos der Freundlichkeit des Herrn Tonnesen, des Direktors der South West Africa Co. Auf dem einen Bilde steht Herr Tonnesen and zeigt nach der Stelle hin, auf dem anderen Bilde ist der

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