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Characterisation, especially by Letters   557

Example from King Haakon VII's Pedigree, which might be added to the Table in Nature, I )ec. 14, 1905, p. 151. The data are taken from a pedigree in the Graphic, Nov. 25, 1905.

fa, + fa bros + fu sis   (3; iii)   1. Frederick, 2. George, 3. Waldemar; i. Dagmar, ii. Thyra, iii. Alexandra. Data wanting.

1. Christian, 2. Charles, 3. Harold, 4. Ingeborg, 5. Gustav; i. Louise, ii. Thyra, iii. Dagmar. 1. Alexander, b. 1903.

1. Constantine, 2. George, 3. Nicholas, 4. Andrew, 5. Christopher; i. Marie. 1. Nicholas, 2. Michael; i. Xenia, ii. Olga. 1. George; i. Louise, ii. Victoria, iii. Maud. 1. Alexis; i. Olga, ii. Tatiana, iii. tasia.

To the Table in Nature, Dec. 14, 1905, make the following additions:

son, Alexander, Crown Prince of Norway (b. 1903). fa, si, son, son, Alexis, Tsarevitch (b. 1904).


Mx DEAR MILLY, A most happy Xmas and New Year to you all. Your little Xmas card reached me to-day, your letter yesterday. The suggestion of a cob to ride is rather likeI hardly know what to resemble it to. I was somewhat less incapable four years ago when in Egypt than I am now, yet even then it required engineering before I could mount an ass, much more a pony. The muscles that first fail in age are those that enable one to use a stirrup for mounting and those that throw a leg over the saddle. I can do neither of these things now. With a crane like this, I might get on a donkey's back, or even a quiet cob's. Otherwise, it is


nearly hopeless. The past week has gone pleasantly, but rather uselessly. The cold freezes my wits, but the weather improves. We have some idea of trying St Jean de Luz for a week, but nothing is fixed yet. What an electioneering turmoil there will be. One M.P. has just left here to look after his constituency. I get quasi-philosophical talks on most days with Tollemache, and there is a quasi-resident here, Col. (with Mrs) Hill-James, who is an excellent authority on Wellington's campaigns. It seems he was a yearly guest of Darwin's* at Claverdon, and being a tandem-driver they had many common points of interest. It was very pleasant to hear how much he appreciated Darwin. We tea-ed there to-day. They are to have

* Darwin Galton, Francis Galton's eldest brother.

me +me bros+me sis_ self + bros + sis

(?; ?) (5; iii)

sons + daus (1; 0) fa, bro, sons + fa bro, daus (5; i) fa, si, sons + fa si, daus   (2; ii)

fu, si3 sons + fa si3 daus   (1; iii) fa, si, son, sons + fa si, son, daus (1; iv)

Marie, iv. Anas

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