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520   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

42, RUTLAND GATE, S.W. October 29, 1900.

MY DEAR "CHATTELL" EVA, I am delighted that you are now to be altogether transferred to me and to take charge of my household henceforth. You weren't transferred quite a, - a "chattell" (I don't know how many is or l's there are in the word) as I said in my letter to your father "if she acquiesces...." So you will now have "42, Rutland Gate" at the bottom of your visiting cards. I am very glad we shall meet so soon.

Violet left this morning. It was pleasant having her. She will get a sight of the C.I. V.'s to-day. I have not been sight-seeing. It rained heavily till near two, and the ground in the park must now be sloppy. I forgot to tell you that one of the first persons whom I met after you left me, was James Knowles (the Editor of the Nineteenth Century and originally an architect) ; it was he who built Tennyson's house. He told me much about it, which I will tell you. He was staying some weeks at Hindhead this summer and was curious to learn about the Townshends. Knowles was a great friend of Tennyson, and of many notabilities-rather Boswell-y in his disposition.

Guy Lethbridge made his appearance yesterday, looking very nice and gentlemanly. He has been horse-buying on commission, in Ireland. Tommy and Grizel is wonderful. I finished it last night, after eleven o'clock. The characters "grow up" quite naturally, so it is an exact sequel to the other book. I took Milly and Amy to see Julius Caesar (last representation) on Saturday, and learnt immensely. 1. Julius Caesar is made so egoistic and vain as to be odious to the assassins, or to most of them, and to be insufferably arrogant. So they hated him. 2. Cassius is not a pale thin student-like man, but vigorous and powerful (which his story of saving Caesar from drowning justifies). He is a lean, bilious man, full of energy and hatred, and a very d-1 as an enemy. Ever affectionately, FRANCIS GALTON.

Poor Walter Butler is at death's door, but his state is not hopeless, quite.


DEAR MR GALTON, Here is the result of our experiment. How do you like it? I do not doubt that with more careful preparation one could increase the area of sharpness a little, but probably not very much. The developed neck irresistibly suggests shoulders, and the best way of restoring it to intelligibility is to bend the print backwards into a cylinder. It is curious and pretty the way in which the square pedestal has come out.

Yours very sincerely, ARTHUR H. SMITH.

Photograph enclosed.

As by the aid of a panoramic camera the whole view round a hill top may be photographed on a single plate, so the idea in the above experiment was to take on a single plate a continuous picture all round a statue or bust. The result is shown on the accompanying plate.

HOTEL DES ANGLAIS, VALESCURE, PRhS ST RAPHAEL (VAR), FRANCE. Nov. 28, 1902. (We stay on here for quite a week longer.)

DEAREST MILLY, If you can only let your Knole Lodge and get the pretty Prestbury ! I am so glad you are strong again.

I am quite well too. The asthma left me more than a week ago and the bronchitis went a little later, so that.-pity my sense of loneliness, at missing the habitual cough ! Even a grumbling farmer could hardly beat that. My room was stuffily carpeted, so notwithstanding the pure outside air I had violent bouts of asthma every night. So I had the carpets taken up, and a large sackful of straw that had been spread beneath them for warmth went with them. I feel sure on reflection that all my worst coughs have been connected with well warmed and stuffily carpeted rooms. So I am about to take strenuous measures at Rutland Gate. The floors of the dining and drawing rooms and of my bedroom are to be parqueted. The very old paper of the drawing room is to be stripped off and the walls painted white, like the staircase, and carpets abolished in favour of rugs. So I hope to be able to spend more months out of the 12 in my own house than hitherto. 11 Hope springs eternal   "

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