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Characterisation, especially by Letters   443

\\ I i ich took place in our national life, both economically and psychically, during I Ire nineteenth century. We see children, born in an age of canal-building :111(1 stage-coaches, dying as motor-boats and airplanes come into being. We note men, great and mediocre, passing from the vigour of youth to the weakness of old age and leaving behind them records of actions which will survive for generations, or which have already perished. And we ask why, with a common environment, does one man achieve and another fail to do so? 'I'1ie answer can only be: "Such is the law of inheritance," and that was (,alton's answer. But even with his work, supplemented by that of Mendel and the followers of both, we yet fail to solve the riddle of family historywhy one man here and there is so markedly differentiated from his stock, 1 noteworthy as that may be.

It will probably aid the reader to have a short account of the environment of Galton during the successive years of his life, taken from the hasty notes written down by his wife or himself on different occasions.

Brief Record of Galton's Travels and Visits, 1853-1883.

Francis Galton was married on August 1, 1853, and toured in Switzerland and Italy, spending the winter in Florence and Rome.

1853 Rome. '54 Chambord. '55 Farnborough, Paris Exhibition. '56 Innsbruck, Vienna, Dresden. '57 Courmayeur, Gressoney, Corniche. '58 English Lakes. '59 Lakes, Bonn.

1860 Richmond, Pyrenees. '61 Zermatt, Monte Moro. '62 Glarus,' Pilatus, Champery, Chamounix. '63 Glion, Stresa, Corniche. '64 St Gall, Hauderes, Sepey. '65 Spa, Holland, Birmingham. '66 Cannes, Mentone, English Lakes, Nottingham. '67 Mentone, Sorrento, St Moritz. '6S Auvergne. '69 Heidelberg, Berchtesgaden. '70 Grindelwald, Folkestone. '71 Scarborough, Whitby. '72 Brighton. '73 Ilmenau, Moselle. '74 Lynton, Chettle. '75 Fontainehleau, Mtirren. '76 Bavarian Lakes, Venice. '77 Tunbridge Wells, Bournemouth. '78 Vichy, Mont d'Or, Paris Exhibition. '79 Vichy, Black Forest. '80 Dinant. '81 Bournemouth, York, Vichy. '82 Baden, Constance. '83 Devonshire.

Notes on Galton's Visits, Friends and Occupations, 1875-1883.

1875 with Emma and Lucy to Fontainebleau; in June to Seelisberg, to Paris, suet Emma. F. G. went to Bristol, British Association and returned to Paris. Russell Gurneys went to Egypt. Twins. Sweet peas. Phil. Mag. Law of Error and Ogives.

1876 Sweet peas. Miss Christie. Loan Collection. S. Kensington; Whistler. Jenkinsons at Fawley. Groves at Syston. With Emma and Brodrick to Bavaria, Venice and Italian Lakes. Arthur engaged to be married.

1877 Louisa's bad illness. Tunbridge Wells. Bournemouth. Plymouth British Association. Arthur married. Mr Holland died.

1878 Rheumatic gout in my knee, March. Composite photos. R. Gurney died. Silver wedding year. Vichy, Aleut d'Or, Tours, Blois, Paris Exhibition. Folkestone, F. G. back to Paris.

1879 Lady Grove died. Bournemouth (Tower). Vichy with (Roes and Martindales). 06rardmer. Black Forest. Judge Grove at Wakehurst in Sussex. Generic Images.

1880 Vichy. Boulogne (May and Spencer). Swansea, Brit. Assoc. Liphook. Meuse (Dinant). Spa. Brussels Exhibition. Photographed at home.

1881 Home early in October. Easter Leamington. Guy's Hosp., composite photography. Bournemouth. York, British Assoc. Vichy late. Paris. Douglas broke his ankle. Composite plithisis photos.


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