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The Codicil to the Will of Sir Francis Galton.

The Will to which this is a Codicil was made on October 20, 1908, and the Codicil is dated May 25, 1909. In both Will and Codicil the word "faculties" replaces the "qualities" of the University Committee's definition*. There is a further clerical blunder in clause' (4) (a); the word "Professional" is a lapses calami for "Professorial." The former adjective has no sense in its present situation, and I know the latter to be what Galton intended, for I drafted at his request in 1906 a statement of the duties of the proposed professor, and the adjective "professorial" was introduced in order to distinguish teaching of an academic character from that communicated in public lectures.

I DEVISE AND BEQUEATH all the residue of my estate and effects both real and personal unto the University of London for the establishment and endowment of a Professorship at the said University to be known as "The Galton Professorship of Eugenics" with a laboratory or office and library attached thereto AND I DECLARE that the duty of the Professor who for the time being shall hold the said Professorship shall be to pursue the study and further the knowledge of National Eugenics that is of the agencies under social control that may improve or impair the racial faculties of future generations physically and mentally AND for this purpose I DESIRE that the University shall out of the income of the above endowment, provide the salaries of the Professor and of such assistants as the Senate may think necessary and that the Professor shall do the following acts and things namely

(1) Collect materials bearing on Eugenics

(2) Discuss such materials and draw conclusions

(3) Form a Central Office to provide information under appropriate restrictions to private individuals and to public authorities concerning the laws of inheritance in man and to urge the conclusions as to social conduct which follow from such laws

(4) Extend the knowledge of Eugenics by all or any of the following means namely (a) Professional instruction

(b) Occasional publications

(c) Occasional public lectures

(d) Experimental or observational work which may throw light on Eugenic problems.

He shall also submit from time to time reports of the work done to the Authorities of the said University.

AND I DECLARE that the receipt of the Principal for the time being of the said University shall be a sufficient discharge for any moneys payable to the said University under this my Will and shall effectually exonerate my Executors from seeing to the application thereof AND I ALSO DECLARE that the said University shall be at liberty to apply either the capital or income of the said moneys for any of the purposes aforesaid but it is my hope that the University will see fit to preserve the capital thereof wholly or almost wholly intact not encroaching materially upon it for cost of building fittings or library Also that the University will supply the laboratory or office at such place as its Senate shall from time to time determine but preferably in the first instance in proximity to the Biometric Laboratory I state these hopes on the chance of their having a moral effect upon the future decisions of the Senate of the University but they are not intended to have any legally binding effect whatever upon, the freedom of their action AND I HEREBY DECLARE that it shall be lawful for the Senate of the said University if they shall think fit so to do to postpone the election of the first or any subsequent Professor of Eugenics for a period of not exceeding four years from the date of my death or from the date of the occurrence of any vacancy in the office as the case may be AND I DESIRE that in the meantime and until the appointment of the first Professor the Senate shall out of and by means of the income of my residuary estate make such arrangements

* See p. 225 above.

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