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$90   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

losses, but a general sort of neuralgia in the jaw, which passes from one tooth to a second and hardly allows itself to get fixed. Then I have set myself too big a task with this albinism monograph. I calinot get it done, and have spent most of my vacation over the geographical chapter. - I am still on the African section although Asia and Australasia have gone to press. It is reaching too large proportions already, and the Piebalds, Heredity and Statistics chapters are yet undone. I find on measuring up the map that Weybridge is beyond my cycling powers. I should like to induce a motoring neighbour to carry me across, but he has not given me a chance yet of leading him to an offer ! He keeps us, however, alive with a flow of guests. Among the last were Professor Turner and his wife from Oxford. My bairns have learnt to cycle and I have gone short runs with them along the old Peppard lanes, but they will soon outride my distance. We had a very pleasant day in Winchester to see Egon's new surroundings.: I was immensely struck with the beauty of the College and hope his life there will be a happy one. The environment of a great school like this ought to excite the boys to be and to do.

I have heard no more of the Americans, so I trust they will leave me in peace. The three puppies are getting about now, but I don't think I shall be able to keep four albino dogs, and must seek a home for them. I hope the Laboratory publications reached you safely. I enclose two notices. I believe some of the daily papers also had notices. Miss Elderton's Lecture on Nature and Nurture ought to be out this week. I am printing a paper by Dr Goring on the "Inheritance-of Phthisical and Insane Tendencies based on criminal Observation," which I think is very good. My neighbour here is a great pig breeder, but he will not take any interest in actual measurements for heredity, only in the prize and show work.

Ever yours affectionately, KARL PEARSON. Fox HOLM, COBHAM, SURREY. September 6, 1909.

MY DEAR KARL PEARSON, I had delayed writing, hoping vainly that you might discover a way of getting here comfortably, some day. I am truly sorry you feel unrested. You will discover, as all your elders have discovered, how strict our bodily limitations are. We are each of us machines, each of his individual horse-power which we cannot strain safely by tying down safety valves, or the like.

Let me offer a tribute of admiration to your lecture, which I have read and re-read and look upon as a masterpiece. As for the Treasury it speaks for itself of the immense care in compilation.

I wonder whether you could conveniently turn some of the Laboratory folk on to a simple, but, I think, important inquiry, for which the collection of family histories affords ample material. It is, bow many relations, on the average of that collection, has each person in the.

following degrees

(1) Grandfather's (Paternal) brothers, (2) ditto (Maternal), (3)   „   sisters,   (4)   ,,   „

(5) Father's brothers,   (6) Father's sisters,

(7) Mother's brothers,   (8) Mother's sisters,

and quere the sons and daughters of 5, 6, 7 and 8.

tThe above 8, plus the 4 grandparents and 2 parents = 14 in all, form a large body of individuals and it is well worth while, in the frequent absence of exact knowledge of their_ number, to appraise the average significance of heredity in such and such a degree. If you think his feasible, I will draw up a more careful scheme, excluding half-brothers and the like.

I- am so glad about your boy at Winchester and about your other "bairns" on their cycles. You-would be amused to see the mechanical appliances that Gifi and my man-nurse use to prise me into a Victoria-I am so helpless !

I hope the puppies prove to be thorough albinos.

X. has written an uncommonly good paper in. the Sociological Review, of which I received an offprint this morning, on the obstacles to Euenics. It is the best piece of writing that I have seen of his. Perhaps the American will come down unexpectedly with a big gift after all!

So you have a great pig establishment close by. My heart rather leans to pigs, but I wish" they did not smell. Ever affectionately, FRANCIS GA1.TON.

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