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382   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

Now I shall weary you as much with my letter as with my talk. The only further matter I have in hand would be this. There is some talk of. Heron going to St Andrews as lecturer on statistics. I would rather see him in a government appointment, e.g. Scottish Education Office or something of that sort. But he knows the ropes so well now that it would be desirable to keep him-if this does not come off this year-until he is appointed. I should therefore suggest for the next year, i.e. from February, 1910, this sort of monetary arrangement

Fellow : £200 First Assistant: £120 Second Assistant : £ 80 Draughtsman: £ 45 Petty Cash :   £ 25


This would leave only £30 for publication, but, I think, there is still a balance which may be added to this and leave us enough to get through the year's publication. The draughtsman's or rather "draughtswoman's" appointment is the new feature. I have been paying Miss Ryley 10/- for each pedigree plate for the Treasury and we ought to get about 60 to 70 ready on the material we have now collected in the year. The market price would be hardly less than 15/or 20/- according to the amount of work and we should have a full control of her time and energy. The work is very beautifully done, as I think you will see from the engraved sheets, and I should think it worth while to retain her for at least a year. If the above meets with your approval I will suggest it for sanction to the Committee and the University. If you approve and still feel not able to attend a meeting in May, I could bring it forward and we might see what the Committee think. Affectionately, KARL PEARSON.

42, RUTLAND GATE, S.W. May 4, 1909.

MY DEAR KARL PEARSON, Your visit was a treat, and did not tire me. When you come next, which I hope will be soon, don't look at your watch at all! My leg gets better.

I quite agree with your views in all their detail about the future of the Eugenics Laboratory, but delayed writing until I could look at the copy of my Will to see whether or no the circumstances you have in view would make delay in filling up the post impossible. I think not, but have written for a copy of the clause in question, for you to see. If a codicil be thought advisable, it can be supplied. It might be desirable to add a phrase after the words referring to the Establishment of the Professorship "within five(?) years after my decease," but I will think further about it, and will write when I send you the copy, in about three days. It is hard to steer between too much rigidity and too much slackness.

About your test for acuteness of eyesight, why not simply wind the test card to and fro, until just readable, when viewed through an "isoscope * ", which the subject adjusts to his focus. The absolute value of the distances for a normal eye in terms of the just-perceptible difference, to be determined once for all by the operator. The personal index, due to + or - magnification by the cornea, etc., to be determined by the distance between the lenses of the isoscope, when vision is clear, at some definite distance or distances. How to calculate it is another matter.

Ever affectionately yours, FRANCis GALTON. 42, RUTLAND GATE, S. W. May 6, 1909.

MY DEAR KARL PEARSON, Here is a copy of the paragraph in my Will concerning the future Professorship, which might be advantageously relaxed a little by a codicil. The codicil might state that the Professorship may be unfilled if the University so desire for a period not exceeding five years, its duties being carried on in the meantime in such way as the University may determine. Is that what you desire ? Is there any other change or addition desirable? Very sorry to trouble you about this, but it is important.

Ever affectionately, FRANCIS GALTON. I have £500 all ready for next year, to be paid to the University.

* See our Vol. ii, p. 332.

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