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326   Life and Letters of Francis Gallon

n this principle, but I have not yet attempted to do so. However, I have a book of racial portraits at home, which I will get here to experiment with. How do you all get on! When do you return to dear smoky London? Ever affectionately, FRANCIS GALTON.

Primary triangle of a profile.

CF= 100 "cents."

Measurements are all in cents.

CX, CY are the axes for rectangular coords.

F.G. Sept. 8, 1907.


MY DEAR FRANCIS GALTON, I am extremely glad to hear that you are going to try Haslemere for the winter and I hope most sincerely that it will prove a success. I fear "Quedley" is not Sussex dialect but personal to the owner. I hope it will be as sunny and bright as the "Yaffles." i have written to Sir Robert Parker asking him if he will let me lunch with him one day this week. He is, I know, in London on Wednesday, so that it will be towards the end of the week. May I come and see you afterwards l I would let you know the day. I should have to start back at 5, as I do not care to cycle after dark, but I should like to see you again before I get back to work. My Wife goes to Oxford on the 17th and we all go back on the 21st. I do not begin lecturing until the 1st, but I want if possible to get everybody arranged in their new quarters, and we shall hope to give our inaugural tea-party when you are again in Town. I am probably in for two controversies ; one in the British Medical on the inheritance of the tuberculous diathesis, and one (possibly, in Nature) on the correlation of stellar characters. This, in reply to attacks at the B.A.

I think your profile scheme is quite good, only you must measure and find names for the angles of your fundamental triangle. Would it be also worth while taking the projection on the median sagittal plane of the centre of the auricular orifice, or of some point on ear? This reminds me that I have had some idea of measuring such of the University College students as will consent thereto. If you thought well we could set up a profile-taker in the dark room with magnesium wire and sensitive paper and soon get a large number. What do you think?

I am glad to see the favourable notice of Schuster's paper. I think on the whole we must be well content with our " First Fellow."

I find there are two kinds of bees. I have captured specimens of both to-day. One sort certainly gathers honey, but never touches the pistil or pollen of the sweet-pea, the other is never content and does not leave the flower until he has swept the whole of the pollen from the stamens onto his belly. I am sending the two kinds of bees to be identified.

Affectionately, K. P.



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