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306   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

for two subsequent years on favourable report from the Committee at the end of the first and second year's tenure respectively. (c) That the duties of the Fellow be to devote the whole of his time to the study and teaching of Eugenics. He shall report annually to the Committee on the nature of hid researches during the year, and send to each of its members from time to time copies of such publications as he may solely or conjointly with other members of the staff have issued. (d) The chief object of the Fellowship is Research, but the Fellow will be expected to acquaint himself with statistical methods of inquiry and to give instruction to students or inquirers in Eugenics or allied problems, such instruction not to occupy more than a couple of afternoons a week. As chief executive officer he will be responsible for the general conduct of the Laboratory.

(ii) The Francis Galton Scholar. The method of appointment and the duties of the Francis Galton Research Scholar shall be similar to those of the Francis Galton Fellow, the stipend being such as shall from time to time be fixed by the Committee.

(iii) The remainder of the annual income of the endowment shall be devoted to assisting the general work of the Laboratory, to accumulating statistical material bearing on National Eugenics, and to the publication of researches made by the Laboratory or its associate members.

(iv) Members of the Staff are expected to work during the academic session daily (Saturdays excepted) in the Laboratory. The vacations will be about 3 weeks at Christmas, 3 weeks at Easter and 6 weeks in the summer, but it may be necessary to arrange the latter so that the Laboratory is not entirely closed for so long a period as 6 weeks.

Proposed Budget and Personnel   

There is an unexpended balance from the original grant for each of the first two years. I would suggest (i) the purchase of a much needed Brunsviga Calculator. (ii) Various books of tables, etc., in current use for statistical work; a slide rule or two, etc. (iii) Providing with suitable furniture, cupboards, bookcases and lockers, an additional room in Gower St.* (iv) Incidental and unforeseen expenses. It is most desirable that any further balance should be allotted to (i) Purchase of Reports, Journals and Books, (ii) Issue of inquiry schedules and pedigree forms, (iii) Publication Fund, (iv) The gradual formation of a collection of instruments useful for observing the mental and physical conditions of children and adults, so that information and practical object lessons can be given to inquirers on these points.

Proposed Statement for Insertion in the University Calendar, or for Advertisement. (It is most important that persons engaged in social and medical inquiries should know of the existence and work of the Laboratory.)

The Francis Galton Eugenic Laboratory.

University of London (temporary address: 88, Gower Street, W.C.). The Laboratory is under the supervision of Professor Karl Pearson, F.R.S., in consultation with Francis Galton, F.R.S. Francis Galton Fellow in National Eugenics :    

Francis Galton Scholar    


Advisory Committee : The following have kindly consented to aid the Staff of the Laboratory in special forms of inquiry t :    

It is the intention of the Founder that the Laboratory shall act (i) as a store-house for statistical material bearing on the mental and physical conditions in man and the relation of these conditions to inheritance and environment, (ii) as a centre for the publication or other form of distribution of information concerning National Eugenics. Provision is made in association with the Biometric Laboratory at University College for training in statistical methods and for assisting research workers in special Eugenic problems. Short courses of instruction will be provided for those engaged in social, anthropometric, and medical work, or desirous of applying modern methods of analysis to the reduction of their observations.

* This will be necessary if the staff be increased to three members. But the whole of this should be of a nature which will be useful when the Laboratory is transferred to permanent quarters.

t The Advisory Committee or list of consultants originally suggested consisted of : (i) a Commissioner in Lunacy, (ii) a R.A.M. Professor, (iii) an Actuary, (iv) an Anthropologist, (v) a Zoologist, (vi) a Pathologist and (vii) an Ophthalmologist.

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