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104   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

given, in each case for the purpose of distinguishing couples with the same names. The following is a slightly modified reproduction of Galton's illustration. The whole "index pedigree" will of course have an index, the main family group of any individual and the family group founded by him being recorded. For example we look up Frank Gore in this index and find against his name 205, 340. The latter entry will give his birthday and confirm that

Family Group*.


John Gore

29 October 1822

31 d


Amy Myers

4 May 1826



Fred. Gore

101 a


Mary Drew

144 a


George Gore

101 b


Jane Boyle

136 e


Ellen Gore

101 c


John Piers

105 b


Susan Gore

101 d





Steph. Gore

101 e





Fanny Gore

101 f


Harry Pitt



George Drew

27 March 1827

51 d


Eliz. Patten

9 May 1830



Harry Drew

144 a


Rose Spry

123 e


Mary Drew

144 b


1. Fred. Gore

101 a


144 b


2. George Lewis

165 c


Fred Gore

26 November 1858

R 101 a


Mary Drew

4 October 1862

144 b


Frank Gore

205 a


Anne Fox

218 a


Amy Gore

205 b


James More

265 e


Anne Gore

205 c





Alex. Gore

205 d


Eva Sully

241 d


Rose Gore

205 e


Stephen Bell

270 b


* Slightly modified from Galton's form. Letters to individual numbers need only be attached when there are no names.

he is the man we are seeking. It will give us information as to all his children and by reference to the number in the last column on the right we can find out the characteristics of his grandchildren and so on to lower descendants. By reference to the other number 205, we find the full particulars of all his brothers and sisters, and can trace by the numbers 344, 370, 315 all his nephews and nieces, and then upwards to their ancestors or downwards to their descendants. The family numbers 101 and 144 lead us to the particulars of his father and mother, and to those of all his paternal and maternal uncles and aunts respectively. 101 and 144 also give us the family group numbers of his paternal grandparents. The numbers 211, 207 and 223 will enable us to find all his paternal, while 315 will give us his maternal cousins. 340 will lead us to his half-brothers and sisters.

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