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p. 53. Lines 11 and 19-20, for "John Hubert Barclay Galton" read "Hubert John Barclay Galton.

p. 150. Plate LI. The long horizontal object above the mantel-mirror is an oriental pipe not a lance.

p. 161. On p. 160 we see that Tertius Galton was proposing a visit to the English Lakes, and it would appear from Emma Galton's diary that this actually took place. It is not clear whether Tertius Galton's serious illness occurred at Keswick in the English Lakes, or at "Keswick" the home of the Gurneys near Norwich on the homeward journey. In the letter on p. 162 Galton is speaking of Keswick in the Lakes, but it is not always easy in the diaries of Emma and Francis to distinguish between visits to Lakeland and to the Gurneys' home.

p. 168. Line 9. The mysterious "Missourian" of Galton's letter to his Father is very probably Galton's misspelling for "Mesosaurian." Not only in his boyhood and his college days, but even to the last decade of his life, Galton's spellings could be erratic. In one of his letters to me be excuses his spelling by the darkness in which he is writing. It is probable therefore that he judged the spelling of words by seeing them, and he may only have heard this fossil lizard spoken of, and not seen the name written.

Pedigree Plate A. Immediate Ancestry and Collaterals of Sir Francis Galton in pocket at end of Vol. 2. Last line but one, seventh column of names, for "F. M. Cormford " read " F. M. Cornford."

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