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I:KS,tl:.S DARWIN. \f. D. I'KS

Phhidan. Phdoropher. and Pact.




Author of the Zoonomia. Raanie Garden. and other worns.

A stBful obswcr of Nato a rev

vivid to imagioatwn. indefatigablc i   eachd origiruI add far-sighted in his views.

Ills speculatmns were mainly directed to problems

which were afterwards more su< essfWW soured by his Grandson.

Cttukersc Dnxwsh.

an mhenrof of many of his chars ristics.


Ile was bom AD. t7;t. 1k resided in the City of Lichfield from AD. 1756

to AD. 1781. fie died AD. 1802. and was buried at Breadsall. Derbfshlm.

His first w,fe_3Lsar- daughter of Guerrs Iless-c. lics buried in the Close.


Monumental Tablet to Erasmus Darwin (executed by Onslow'Ford) and erected by
his grandson Francis Galton in Lichfield Cathedral, 1886.