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Lehrjahre and Wanderjahre   191

been 16 King's Street, Covent Garden'. Francis Galton had many friends about him in London; the friendship with the Hallams bad strengthened since the German visit. Einma Galton was staying with the Gurneys in St James Square in February, and had visited the, British Museum with Mr and .Miss Hallam, meeting there Miss Edgeworth, Samuel Rogers and Macintosh, and in July of 1845, she was staying at Nailsea with the Hallams. Tertius and Violetta Galton were in London in February and calling on the Hallams. But the friendship of Francis Galton and Henry Hallam seems to have ripened most in the latter part of 1844 and in 1846, from which years several very affectionate letters from Hallam to Galton have survived, to which some reference will be made in the following chapter.

Very tender are the letters from Tertius to his son Francis during the last nine months of his life. He was clearly very anxious that Francis should concentrate himself on medicine and should follow a definite profession in life. Nor does he fail to remind him of family claims.

" I hope you will go to Shrewsbury at Easter as you ought to see Uncle Bob before he dies "-is the prompting that comes from home before the Easter visit (see p. 186), which had doubtless been several times postponed.

On Feb. 4th, 1844, Tertius writes

"As Bessy has no doubt given you much salutary advice as to exclusive attention to medicine, I forbear repeating to you all that Horner said to me on the importance of it to success in London practice as founded upon his own observation and the remarks

of many leading medical men of his acquaintance."

And again on March 9th

" I am extremely glad that you take so fondly to your profession upon every account, as an occupation useful to yourself and to others, and as a source of pecuniary independence, which, after all, it is among the number of our duties to promote    I

admire your courage in taking the pledge, and your motives for it, and am glad that the plan agrees with you. Adele tells me that in your case unlike that of the gin-drinking

lady, resolution was rewarded beforehand."

Emma Galton, writing on March 4 of the failing health of her
father, Tertius, says, "My father has said over and over again `Give
I A letter from Tertius Galton to Francis, dated June 30, 1844, and enclosing the

last Cambridge College bill is thus addressed. Tertius speaks of himself as still weak and restless.

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