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Lehrjahre and Wanderjahre   187

not as hospitable as they might be which is far from the case, but still they might think it. My uncle is very much better and stronger than I expected, and I have enjoyed my visit extremely. Your affectionate son,



Thank you very much for your two letters and I have just received Emma's also with the account of Miss E. I should think Mr T. was not a person of very sanguine temperament. What is the correct thing for a lady to do under those circumstances? I always thought that the bridegroom was made to breakfast with the bridal party before the ceremony, and never lost sight of till after it was over, lest lie might bolt. It seems so odd to make an appointment to meet and be married at a given hour at a church. Had Mr T. only been a disciple of my Father's, he would have been shivering at least half an hour before his time waiting for the church-door to open, and not be so grievously late. I am glad Mrs Onslow is getting better, did you say the ball went right through her 7 My old friend, Joe Kay, is in Cambridge and he tells me of several lodgings about where I should like to be in London. I have not actually

At the beginning of May, Galton was back in Cambridge full of his medical studies and pointing out the value of a Cambridge degree for a medical man.

" Robert Frere who was my senior at Partridge's, and who has indeed taken a surgeon's degree has had this fact so much urged upon him by different London Doctors that he intends coming to Cambridge as a freshman next term. So I was right after all, notwithstanding Hodgson's forebodings, in wishing for a Cantab. education    Tell Delly that as soon as I came up, and through the medium of Tooke I served a writ for total abstinence on Selwyn. He professes himself not quite decided as yet, though undoubtedly in favour of the cause. Tooke introduced me to him the day after. The Epigram Society flourishes in great vigour, we meet next time to write epitaphs on the various dons now in authority. Selwyn I hear desires to join us. The Kays come up next week to take degrees in Freemasonry', and then they are to tell me about any lodgings near them they have found out for me in town." [il1ay 1, 1844.]

Only two more letters of the Cambridge period have been pre

served-indeed we shall soon reach the end of our material of this kind ; for with the death of Tertius there was no other member of

the family who preserved Francis' letters with the same tender care. At the risk of wearying the reader, I give them both.

Monday Morning [May 6, 1844].

' Francis Galton himself was initiated on February 5, 1844, into Scientific Lodge No. 105 of the Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, held at the Red Lion Hotel, Cambridge, and on March 12, 1845, he was registered on the books of the Grand Lodge, London.


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