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Life and Letters of Francis Galton

I sipt and next a bumper tried,

My friends' prediction scorning,

Then reeled and told them all they lied, But ah ! the following morning.

Then go, Deceiver go,

Those tongues whose lust could make them

Trust one so false, so low

Deserve salines to slake them.

Away, thy charms their bloom have shed, Now failing to adorn thee,

While men who loved thee, once have fled And teach the world to scorn thee.

Milk Punch, bland hypocrite be gone And my worst wishes to ye You ne'er do good to any one, But screw the hands that brew ye.

Then go, Deceiver go,

etc.   etc.

Some of these points are again illustrated in Galton's six months as a bachelor at Cambridge. He returned there on Feb. 13, 1844, and reports to his father that he is working hard at medicine and that Dr Bond has offered him a clinical clerkship on the next vacancy. He encloses the following Bulletin

Case of Francis Galton.

Year. 1844.   Trade. Cantab.

Month. Feb.   Disease. Extreme appetite.

The patient states that he left Leamington by the coach on Feb. 3rd: the day was cold and rainy. At Southran he purchased some captain's biscuits which he continued eating till Northampton, at which place he invested in a pork pie. His appetite continued extreme even more so than natural. Present state. Face flushed, which he accounts for by a violent walk, appetite remarkable.

[March 6, 1844.]


Will you tell Bessy that I received her letter just after I had put my last into the post and thank her much for it. I see young Barclay occasionally we have breakfasted at each other's rooms and are good friends when we meet, but I have now so little spare time at my disposal being the whole morning in attendance on medical lectures etc., that I have been unable to go out much lately and consequently have rarely met him. I get more and more fond of medicine every day. I am trying some new ways of taking cases, or rather the outlines of cases by lines drawn under each particular symptom and varying according to its severity, every day or every

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