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Lehrjahre and Wanderjahre   151

mechanical originality and his general interest at an early age in mechanical problems.

But teeming as young Galton was -at this time with ideas, he was still equally eager for and markedly impressed by new experiences. His mind was rapidly developing, and each new conquest, as it is made, is at once reported to his home circle. The readiness with which he communicates everything which occurs to his father-absolutely confident of sympathy and suggestion-suffices to demonstrate a very rare and perfect relationship between parent and child'.

[March? 1841.]


I send 17 shillings worth of etchings etc. some of them by C. Schub are exceedingly good. I was unable to get some outlines by Rembrandt, which I was anxious to have done.

I am very sorry that my Father is so unwell ; perhaps this attack will do for asthma and all.

Yesterday I made my appearance before the eyes of wondering Cantabs, where do you think? Why right in the midst of a den containing 1 Lion, 1 Lioness, 1 huge Bengal Tiger and 4 Leopards in Wombwell's menagerie. The Lion snarled awfully. I was a wee frightened for the Brute crouched so. The keeper told me that I was only the fourth that had entered that den. Nothing like making oneself a "Lion" at Cambridge. My Turkish tour and medical education does wonders and my late van Amburg performance promises to crown my reputation.

F. G.

P.S. I send a view I had of a street in Smyrna-thinking that it would make a very good picture a la Prout.

A few days later Francis writes to his father in a hand showing much sign of emotion


Thanks for your letter. Tomorrow I will see if Mortlock has received the £20. I will send my accounts. Thanks greatly about Aberystwith.

I am rather cut up by the sudden death of a College friend of mine. Poor fellow he wined_ with me last Tuesday, walked with me next day, complaining only of a slight headache. I heard that he was ill yesterday Saturday morning, and going to see him after hall at 5 p.m. found him dying, with what I took to be typhus; called again at 9, he was much worse and evidently could not hold out 6 hours. An eruption of scarlet

1 It must have existed in earlier generations of the Galton family, for it is evidenced in the story of Samuel Galton's appeal to one of his sons : " Tell your friend, Sammie, all about it, and he will take good care your father does not hear a word of it.."

Sunday [21 March 1841]. TRIN. COLL.

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