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Lehrjahre and Wanderjahre   145

work problems and of course not having had time to accustom myself to a new subject. I will write to Hodgson.

"Distribution of Time. Up at Chapel at 7 ; ditto to 7 2. Reading and breakfast to

9. Lectures to 11. Reading by myself and with O'Brien to 2, walk to 4-a 4 mile walk-Hall to 4.20. Read 102 including tea. Lectures 2 hours a day, Reading (full tide) 102 hours. I shall cut this down to 6, as it is really too much. Tell Bessy that

there is the most extraordinary possible change in my complexion, the tan having quite disappeared. Breadth of phiz on the wane. Loves universally.


On the 5th of November Galton writes home

"I progress salubriously. , Bye the bye in case any laughs are directed against Theodore I shall most pugnaciously take his part, as he certainly has got a very great deal of knowledge in Modern History etc. I have been quite surprised with the extent of his information on Hungarian, Turkish and other out of the way worthies. And though mathematics are most decidedly not his forte, yet still he has a great deal in him. Goodbye tell Mater I am much obliged for her house-keeping advice."

The salubrious progression was not of long duration

[November 26, 1840.]


Thanks for letter received yesterday. I am much obliged to you about getting me nominated to the Athenaeum, please thank Uncle Howard for me. As he explained to me on a former occasion it will be much better to make use of his assistance than for me to get Daniell or Partridge to nominate me, in which latter case I should be sure of a professional opposition. I hope Bessy will get better soon .... The reason why I write in pencil is as I am lying on my back I can't get a pen- to write ; I have been confined to my bed for some days, rheumatism not over reading but will shortly be released. It has put a pro tempore dead stop to Maths. I have just received a letter from Horner, he offers to get me an introduction to any men I' may like, said he did not 'write before to give me time to settle and to find out the most desirable quarters for introductions. I must make many enquiries before answering his letter.

Goodbye, affect. Son, FRAS. GALTox.

Hurra for the Queen's Kinchin' ! I have ordered 3 dozen of "audit ale" on a venture for you at Leamington but am afraid that it will not be ready for Xtmas I shall be with you certainly not later than the 18th Deer.

But the illness had been more serious than Francis had revealed. On Dec. 3 2 he writes to his father


Would you please send me by return of post some money as I do not know what my doctor's bill will amount to. I was released part of Monday from bed (the

' Princess Victoria, Empress Friederich of Germany, born Nov. 21, 1840.

Like his cousin Charles Darwin, Francis Galton was singularly remiss in dating his letters ; we have to trust to Tertius Galton's endorsed dates.

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