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Lehrjahre and Wanderjahre   115

learn that the expenditure of £12 on the great coat and frock coat at Cartwright's must have been paternally sanctioned. Other interesting items are ,pr of Foils and Handles," 14s.; "Medicine (& enough of it too)," 8s.; "Head, neck, leg and arm," £1. 6s. ; " Magnetic and Galv. Apparatus," 5s. 6d.; "Rattletrap, stationery, etc.," 5s.; "Larks, etc., etc.," 12s. 6d.

There is also a paragraph in the letter bearing on the coming change to Cambridge

"As to Blakesly please say that I wished to give my time principally to Mathematics and was entirely ignorant of the course usually pursued with regard to a private

Tutor-whom he should recommend, whether Hopkins or another-and what steps I ought to take to enter myself under one."

A letter of April 8th is worth citing at length. It contains a neat drawing of the Coddington lens, with details of its construction and parts ; that lens had been invented by Brewster in 1820, but brought into general use by Coddington's paper ( Camb. Phil. Trans. vol. iii. p. 421) of 1830, so that it was new commercially.


I have taken your places. I have not matriculated. I wish that you would send the enclosed paper to Mr Frederick Ledsam to ask him to nominate me, as I do not know him"; there is no particular hurry. We are beginning to expect no Easter Holidays and consequently no Paris for me, as Partridge is dreadfully behindhand in his lectures. However, it can't be helped. The Sliding Rule was 12 shillings

wood, beautifully marked in every possible direction and of very great use. I invested yesterday in a Coddington Lens, as I very much wanted something of the sort. It admits at least 6 times as much light as the microscope that you gave me-though

it does not magnify so highly-and is a hand lens-18 shillings certainly, but so very useful, they are just the size and shape of picture; it slides into its case with a huge joint (a).

In case you cannot (like myself) read one word on the ticket, it means that you start from Boulogne at 12 o'clock and that I have paid £2. 9s. and that you will have to pay £1 at Boulogne.

to their father. He had certainly the banker's sense of order in this matter, and must have had a great share in his father's and grandfather's power of elaboration and organisation to be able to bear in mind, criticise and often correct these individual details. The nature of the entries in these accounts also demonstrate the affectionate freedom of expression and expenditure that governed the whole relationship.

".A student at King's College nominated by one of the members of the body was allowed a reduction of about 7 per cent. in fees.



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