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Lehrjahre and Wanderjahre   103

walk out now, not having had one on account of the weather for the 3 last days. Of course I have nothing to tell you, as the medical world is quite a little world of its own and its proceedings I should imagine are not very interesting to the civilised one. Oh Donner and Blitz ! here is another accident. I must look sharp for my walk, if not kept long by this double calamity both to me and patient. I am calling out-Coming-tar

tar-   FRAs. GALTON."

So the months went on-far too much work and too little playnone of the sports and pastimes of our own medical schools. At Easter there was again no holiday

I'Can't come-quite impossible. Patients increased-awful number. Cut a brace of fingers off yesterday and one the day before.-Happy to operate on any one at homeI am flourishing-wish I could say same of my Patients. Love to all. Bye-bye.


But by July a change was really needful. Francis is planning a tour and mentions as possible companions his cousins Theodore Galton and Edward Darwin. His last letter from the Hospital to his father runs as follows

July 10, 1839. GENERAL HOSPITAL.


I have been waiting before I wrote to you, to see whether Mr Hodgson would have recommended anything for me, but as he has not, I will tell you what he has done. He called me aside and asked me if I felt unwell or not, I told him that I was,-gave symptoms etc. When Mr Hodgson asked what I had intended to do about this trip that you proposed,-I replied that I had but just heard of it, and that I did not think that I could spare my time. To which Mr Hodgson agreed, said it was a foolish plan &c., &c. (N.B. He was in a bad humour because an operation of his for cataract had not exactly succeeded), and after saying other things of the same import, tooled off. He ddd not prescribe for me. However I shall do very well. There is capital fun going on here-only think of Dr Booth. Amongst other performances of his when he led the police into the Bull Ring, the people swearing, throwing stones at him etc., etc. The Dr (it being dark) coolly rode to the nearest Lamp Post, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his Barnacles, inserted it again and lugged out the Riot Act and read away most edifyingly ! By the bye about Mr Abbot-I have had 30 lessons, a brace in November-do. in June and regularly in the intervening months'. His banker is Taylor and Lloyds, and he wishes to have it directed for the Rev. J. Abbot, Free School. Our Matron has had a tremendous epileptic fit; she is in bed still and very unwell. Quite sorry to hear about your Asthma, but you must I suppose console yourself with the Aphorism of the Cook on the Eels-"Nothing when you are accustomed to it." By the bye I have been on the stage with Van Amburg-took.up

' This proves that Galton had never taken a week's holiday since he started at the Hospital 1

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