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Plrilr X_VX [II


(-II_ARLES I(_Ut\\ I\.   ,I.

Frwu ;r plurt-_r;II'll l \ Mmill ;(Ill I'   twig L,,,I lip 1, Mr- I ki

;uul n' \\ iii tLr•   .,t All- \% illi;uii F: I(;um~ iI,.

FRAM is (; \I.I'1 )\. ;, _,• I ti iit .;u.

I'rmii a I'll. fi _r;i1iL iii the
( I.nL nahn -.

I he<,• t sri I In I   r;ilrli   iii mnm 11 the -al   attitude iu1tir ate the rle;;ree
iit rr•~emLl:uu•e I t Itttell the t%%,, _rau~lr•l~il~lren 4 Era,nni- I )am% ill.

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