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The Ancestry of Francis Galton   53

Hubert and Francis did later, from asthma, he yet inherited something of his Barclay ancestors' power of walking, and would walk all day without fatigue. He was not a man of that kind of note which finds its way into biographical dictionaries, but he did-what many of us everyday mortals fail to do-the usual work of the everyday world and he did it well'. As a result he was respected by all who knew him and beloved by all his children, who found in him on every occasion their best friend. He died at the relatively early 'age of 61, and left his. sons each sufficient fortune to follow their own bent apart from a profession.

Like Samuel Tertius, his two brothers John Hubert Barclay Galton (1789-1864) and John Howard Galton (1794-1862) married into able stocks, the first married Mary, daughter of Robert Barclay, Banker of London, and therefore a multiple cousin ; the second a daughter of Joseph Strutt and ultimately his heiress. Miss Strutt was a granddaughter of Jedediah Strutt (1726-1797), the partner of Arkwright in establishing the spinning jenny, and himself an inventor of no mean order. Her father was not only the benefactor of Derby, but an intimate friend of Thomas Moore and Edgeworth. John Hubert had four children, three died quite young and the fourth left no issue. John Howard Galton's is the only line by which the name of Galton has been preserved. His second son Sir Douglas Galton (1822-1899) reached fame in a variety of ways : as a Royal Engineer he did much good, especially for the Commission on the Application of Iron to Railway Structures (1848) ; he was General Secretary and afterwards President of the British Association and the third of his name to obtain fellowship of the Royal Society. He was Assistant Inspector-General of Fortifications (1859-1862), Assistant UnderSecretary of War (1862-1870) and Director of Public Works and Buildings (1870-1875); and generally an able chairman of committees and of very considerable inventive ability. His achievements mark the scientific and business capacity of Galton and Strutt stocks, apart from the scientific imagination contributed by the Darwin blend. Of Tertius Galton's sisters' the most noteworthy was Mary Anne (1778=

I A shorthand diary of Tertius Galton for the years 1829-1844 (Eugenics Laboratory) testifies to his multifarious duties and his genial nature.

2 Of the remaining brothers Ewen Cameron died as a child of nine, according to family tradition from the rough usage he received from the elder boys at Dr Valpy's

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