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xvi   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

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XXIX. The Homes of the Galtons, being the title-page to "The Galton Family"," an MS. history by Elizabeth Anne Wheler ("Sister

Bessy "), 1883.   49

XXX. Duddeston House, the home of the Samuel Galtons, father and son.

From a sketch by Emma Sophia Galton in the possession of

Mrs T. J. A. Studdy   49

XXXI. Great Barr. . The country home of Samuel Galton, jun. (1785

1799). Favourite meeting place of the Lunar Society. From the photograph of a water-colour drawing in Mrs Wheler's MS.

"The Galton Family"   49

XXXII. (a) The Galton-Farmer house, later the Galton Bank, in Steelhouse

Lane, Birmingham, now a shop   50 (b) Friends' Meeting House in Bull Street, Birmingham, where the

two Samuel Galtons- with their wives attended and were ultimately buried .   50

XXXIII. Samuel Tertius Galton (1783-1844). Father of Francis Galton,

and husband of Violetta Darwin. From a painting by Oakley in 1838. "Tertius Galton, who is a demi-semi Quaker in religion, a demi-beau in dress, and loves wonders and varieties in Science, and by profession a Whig." Letter from Dr Parr,

1812, describing his guests at dinner, Coke of Norfolk, p. 126 .   52

XXXIV. Tertius Galton, with his children Adele, Erasmus, Emma and Bessie, 1837. From a silhouette by Edouard in the possession

of Mr Wheler Galton at Claverdon .   52

XXXV. Uncle and Aunts of Francis Galton

54 54 54 54

54 54

about 50, from photographs .   56

XXX VIII. Nangoro, King of the Ovampo, from the first edition of Francis Galton's Tropical South Africa. In illustration of Francis Galton's sense of humour   59

XXXIX. Francis Galton, aged 8. From a silhouette in his mother's MS. History of the Childhood of her son, 1830 .   63

XL.   Facsimile of the first page of Violetta Galton's account of the

Childhood of Francis Galton, written in 1830   63








Theodore Galton (1784-1810)

Adele Galton, Mrs J. K. Booth (1784-1869)

Sophia Galton, Mrs Charles Brewin (1782-1863)

Mary Anne Galton, Mrs Schimmelpenninck (1778-1856)

Theodore Galton, from a miniature



Adele Galton, Mrs J. K. Booth, from a photograph

Comparison of Charles Darwin, aged 51, and Francis Galton, aged

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