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xiv   Life and Letters of Francis Galton

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X. From the MS. Boyhood of Sir Francis Sacheverell Darwin, who, being

bitten by a dog, produced a stampede by barking as a dog to mimic hydrophobia. Mrs Darwin (Elizabeth Collier), the surgeon, the two Miss Parkers, Violetta Darwin (afterwards Mrs Galton) and Emma Darwin are seen on the stairs, while Dr Erasmus Darwin

comes out of his study to ascertain what is wrong .   18

XI. Poem to Mrs Pole (Elizabeth Collier), afterwards Mrs Erasmus Darwin.

From a manuscript volume of poems by Dr Erasmus Darwin in the possession of Mrs William Wavell. Words altered and erased

by Sir Francis S. Darwin .   18

XII. General Sir David Colyear, afterwards Lord Portmore (circa 1650

1730). Grandfather of Elizabeth Collier. From the portrait by

Van der Banck formerly at Arthingworth Hall .   18

XIII. Charles Colyear, second Earl Portmore (1700-1785). Father of Elizabeth Collier. From the picture by Reynolds formerly at Arthingworth Hall   18

XIV. Catherine Sedley, Countess of Dorchester, afterwards Lady Portmore (1657-1717). Grandmother of Elizabeth Collier. From the picture by Kneller formerly at Arthingworth Hall .   19

XV. Sir Henry Savile, Scholar (1549-1622). Maternal grandfather of

Sir Charles Sedley and a direct ancestor of Francis Galton. From a print in the possession of the author of the portrait by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger   20

XVI. Elizabeth Collier (1747-1832). Mrs Pole, later Mrs Erasmus Darwin,

with her son Sacheverell Pole. Painted in the year 1770. From a picture in pastel by Wright of Derby in the possession of

Mr Wheler Galton at Claverdon   21

XVII. Elizabeth Collier (Mrs Pole, later Mrs Erasmus Darwin) with her dog.

From a silhouette at Claverdon in the possession of Mr Wheler Galton. Underneath, facsimile of her signature .   21

XVIII. Sir Francis Sacheverell Darwin (1786-1859). Uncle and godfather

of Sir Francis Galton. From a portrait by Haynes in the posses

sion of Sir Francis' granddaughter, Mrs William Wavell ..   22

XIX. From the MS. Boyhood of Sir Francis Sacheverell Darwin. Francis S. Darwin and George Bilsborow while engaged in shooting pigs with arrows are disturbed by a mad dog, which communicates hydrophobia to the pigs and a horse. It is eventually killed by

the mob. 1796   22

XX. Three portraits of Frances Anne Violetta Darwin (Mrs Tertius Galton) (1783-1874):

(a) In the year of her marriage, 1807. From a winiature by Thompson

in the possession of her granddaughter, Mrs T. J. A. Studdy .   26

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