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Preface   ix

I am fully aware that.. the indolent reader will find much in this work which he does not want and which has but little interest for him. It is intended fundamentally as a permanent memorial to the Founder of the Galton Laboratory, and embraces material which may easily perish or be ultimately lost sight of. If the.said reader will only wait a few years, I have little doubt that my material will be strained of its more solid content and presented to him in that light and cheap form, which we are told is a first necessity of the modern book market. My object is a different one, namely to issue a volume to some extent worthy of the name of the man it bears,-which may be studied hereafter by those who wish to understand him, his origin and his aims,rather than to furnish an evening's amusement for readers however numerous, who would just as readily study any other biography as that of Galton, if only it chanced to be entertaining. I have been told that the genealogical section of my book will weary its readers and narrow its public. I would reply'that this work is not written to gain a public, but piam memoriara prodere conditoris nostri and is intended especially for those who have known and loved Francis Galton in the past, or who may in the future desire to understand and honour him.

K. P.


April 8, 1914.

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