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Determine to travel in Africa-Motives for the Journey-Preparations -Stock in Trade-An Emigrant Ship-Arrival at Cape TownDangers of the Road-Change of Route-Determine to proceed by Walfisch Bay-Necessary Outfit-Prospects of the Route-Travelling Cortege-Servants and Dogs-Arrival at Walfisch Bay-The Natives-Extraordinary Mirage-The Kuisip River-TobaccoRide-Oxen-Disembarking-Misadventure at Starting-Perils of the Desert-The'Nara-The Mission at Scheppmansdorf


Sand Fountain-A Lesson to the Natives-A Present-News of a Lion -Scheppmansdorf-A Narrow Escape-A Missionary's Establishment-Native Huts-Missions-A Lion Hunt-Preparations for the Road--Native Trees-The Hottentots-Character of the CountryMode of breaking in an Ox-Arrangement of the Baggage-A Prosperous Start-The Swakop-Night Bivouac-Labours of the March -Loss of a Horse and a Mule-The Lions' Chase-Attempt to avenge the Loss-A Narrow Escape-Animal Food-The Ghou Damup-Erongo Mountain- Intense Heat-The Tsobis RiverRide-Oxen-Native Servants-Their Cape Town Life-A Giraffe Hunt-Change of Country-An Ostrich Egg-Approach to Otjimbingue-Hans Larsen   , 15


Hear Ill News-Engage Hans-Ride to Barmen-En route-Oxen versus Mules-Arrive at Barmen-Jonker's Attack-Previous HistoryOerlams and European s-Hottentots and Bushmen-Establishment