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88   INDEX

Co hill, Colonel Kendal, 77 Cohen, Meyer (Sir F. Palgrave), 51 Coke, Elizabeth, 54

Thomas W., 54 Collaterals, xxxii "Colliery Explosions,

Death in," 28

Colonial Office, 59



SIXTY-HIVE FAMILIES, xxxvii Conipton, Henry, 48 CONCLUSIONS, xxxix Constituents, incongruous, in

highest order of mind, xv Constitutional disease, proneness

of particular families to, x "Contracts, Specific Performance

of," 21

Conversation, rapid, xviii Coomassie, relief of, 44 Copeman, A. C., 16

Edward, 16

Peter, i6

S. M., 15

Copyright Act, 50

Cork, Bishop of, 43

Correlation, negative, between constituents of highest order of mind, xv

Cotterill, Arthur, 17

Henry (Senior Wrangler), 17 Professor J. H., 16 Joseph M. (surgeon), 17 Joseph M., D.D., 17 Rev. Thomas, 16 Thomas (mathematician), r7

Counties in England, Wales,

Scotland, and Ireland, number

required to provide one F.R.S.

annually, xii

Cousins, first, of F.R.S,, xl Crewe, first Earl of, 50 Crewe-Milnes, R. O. A., first Earl

of, 50

Crete, 20

Cromer, first Earl, 4

Crompton, Charles, 6, 57 Henry, 6, 57

" Cromwell, Oliver, the Protector," 52

Crum, Alexander, ro

Walter, To

Cuneiform writing, 47

Dalton, 24

Danish gunboat flotilla, defeat of, in the Belt, 76

Daphne, Greek settlements at, 53

Darjeeling, 26

Darwin, Charles (medical stu

dent), I8

Charles R. (author of " Origin

and Species," etc. ), I8, 23, 81

Erasmus (author of "Zoo

nomia," etc.), 17, 23

Erasmus (grandson of the

author of " Zoonomia") 18

Professor Francis, ig, 8i

Professor G. H. (now Sir

George), 17, 81

Horace, ig, 8i

Ma or Leonard, ig

Robert W., 18

Davy, Sir Humphry, 56

Degrees of eminence in " note

worthy " persons, xxxv

of remoteness of kinship,


De la Rue, 33 Delane, 62

Denmark, Queen of, 9

" Dental Anatomy, Manual of," 70 " Dental Surgery," 71 Dentists Act, 71

Descendants, direct, xxxii De Vries, xlii

Devonshire, geology of, 26 De Winter, Admiral, 30 Dickens, illustrations to, 56 Dickinson, John, F.R.S., 20

John, 21

Dictionary of National Bio

graphy," xiv

Dillwyn, Lewis Weston, 46 Diminution of frequency of note

worthiness with increase of

distance of kinship, xxxix Dundas and Wilson, 8

Sir David, 8

David, 8

George, 8

John, 8

Lord, 8

Ralph, 7

Duff, vide Grant Duff

Duncan, Adam, Viscount I)uncan

of Camperdown, 30 Durham, Bishop Of, 4

Lord, 65

" Ecce Homo," 15

Eccentricity in families of able

scientific men, xvi

" Economist," 51 Edgeworth, R. L., 24

" Edinburgh Encyclopaedia," I I " Education, Memoirs on," 13 Egerton, Right Hon. Sir Edwin,


Cause of