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Sir William Hooker, F.R.S. (1758-1865), Director of Kew Gardens.

son, Sir Joseph Hooker, F.R.S.


W. A. F. Browne, F.R.S.E. (-), First Commissioner in Lunacy for Scotland.

son, Sir J. Crichton Browne, F.R.S.

Sir J. Tomes, F.R.S., eminent in dental surgery. son, C. S. Tomes, F.R.S.


J. Brown (1784-1858), Professor of Exegetics, Secession

Coll., and after in the United Presbyterian Coll.

son, A. Crum Brown, F.R.S.

J. E. Kempe, late Rector of St. James, Piccadilly; Hon.

Chaplain to the King. son, A. B. Kempe, F.R.S.

J. G. Miall, Chairman of the Congregational Union.

son, L. C. Miall, F.R.S.

S. Trail (-), Professor Systematic Theology, University,


son, J. W. H. Trail, F.R.S.

H. Venn (1796-1873), for many years Secretary and

practically manager of the Church Missionary Soc. son, J. Venn, F.R.S.