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me me fa, Charles Kendal Bushe (1767-1843),

Solicitor-General for Ireland, 1805- 1822 ; Chief Justice of King's Bench, 1822-1841. [" Dict. N. Biog."]

me bvo son, Seymour Coghill Hort Bushe (b. 1853), K.C., Senior Moderator and Berkeley gold medallist ; gold medallist in oratory, Dublin; Senior Crown Prosecutor for County and City of Dublin, 1901.--[" Who's Who."]

one si son, Herbert Wilson Greene, well-known fellow and lecturer, Magdalen Coll., Oxford ; author of version of " Rubayat " of Omar Khayum, etc.

me si son, Boyle Somerville, Commander, R.N., author of papers on the ethnology of the Polynesian race in the " Anthropological journal."

me si da, Edith CGnone Somerville, M. F. I-I., author of " Reminiscences of an Irish R. M.," " All on the Irish Shore," and other novels.

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward (b. 1848), F.R.S., Assistant Director Geological Survey of England and Wales ; author of "Geology of England and Wales," and other works.[" Who's Who."]

fa fa, Samuel Woodward (1790-1838), geologist and antiquary ; clerk in Gurney's Bank, Norwich, 1820-IS-8; studied history and archaeology ; formed collection of fossils and antiquities, and published works relating to Norfolk.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

fa, Samuel Pickworth Woodward (1821-1865),