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China, 1841-1844 ; in the Crimea, 1854-1856.-[`` Dict. N. Biog."]

fa bn-o, John Warren (1796-1852), F.R.S., mathematician ; Fellow and Tutor of Jesus Coll., Cambridge ; Chancellor of Bangor.-[" Dict. N. Biog. "]

son, Richard Warren (b. 1876), first-class honours, Natural Science, Oxford ; scholarship in Anatomy and Physiology, London Hosp. ; Radcliffe Travelling Fellow, Oxford ; house physician, house surgeon, and senior resident accoucheur, London Hosp.

fa fa fa, Richard Warren (1731-1797), M. D., F.R.S., Fellow of Jesus Coll., Cambridge ; Physician to George III., and to George, Prince of Wales.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

Bertram Coghill Alan Windle (b. 1858), F.R.S., President of Queen's Coll., Cork ; M. D., D. Sc., Dublin ; late Dean of the Medical Faculty and Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology, University of Birmingham ; author of scientific papers, books on anatomy, anthropology, and literature, " Tyson's Pygmies of the Ancients," " Life in Early Britain," etc. - [" Who's Who."]

me bro, Colonel Kendal Coghill (b. 1832), C. B., served in Burmah, 1853-1855 ; Adjutant of 2nd European Bengal Fusiliers during Indian Mutiny, 1857-1858 ; commanded 19th Hussars in Egyptian Campaign, 1882.-[" Who's Who."]

one fa, Admiral Sir J. Coghill.