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Robert Wari ngton (b. 1838), F.R.S., Examiner in Agricultural Science to the Board of Education since 1894 ; Professor of Rural Economy, Oxford, 1894-1897 ; author of twenty-six papers in the " Transactions " of the Chemical Soc.,

`The Chemistry of the Farm " (seventeenth edition), " Lectures on the Rothamsted Experiments," and " Lectures on the Physical Properties of the Soil."-[" Who's Who."]

fa, Robert Warington (1807-1867), F.R.S., chemist, pharmacist, and naturalist ; founded in 1841, and was for ten years secretary of the Chemical Soc. ; originator of the Aquarium ; the author of many papers on chemical and natural history subjects.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

me fa, George Jackson (1792- 1861), medical practitioner and inventor; Society of Arts medal for improvements in an apparatus for obtaining light ; invented a dividing machine for ruling micrometers, which is still in use ; introduced several improvements into the microscope ; and was President of the Royal Microscopical Soc.

bro, George Warington, B.A., first-class Natural Science Tripos, Cambridge ; died at the age of thirtythree, but had already made a considerable reputation as an author, critic, teacher, and speaker.

fa si son, John Brown, C.M.G. ; engineer-inchief to Cape Government railways.