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John William Strutt (b. 1842), third Baron

Rayleigh, D.C.L. (Hon. Oxon.), LL.D., O. M., F.R.S., Hon. Sc. D. (Cambridge and Dublin), Professor of Natural Philosophy, Royal Inst., since 1887 ; Senior Wrangler and Smith's Prizeman, 1865; Professor of Experimental Physics, Cambridge, 1879-1884; Secretary Roy. Soc., 1887; author of "Theory of Sound," and many scientific papers. [" Who's Who," and " Ency. Brit."]

bro, Hon. Edward Gerald Strutt, successful landagent and surveyor.

me si son, Ronald Montague Burrows (b. 1867), Professor of Greek in the University Coll. of S. Wales and Monmouthshire.-[" Who's Who."]

son, Hon. Robert John Strutt (b. 1875), F.R.S., Fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; author of papers on radium, etc.-[" Who's Who."]

one fa bro, Major-General Edward Vicars, R. E., distinguished himself under Lord John Hay on North Coast of Spain ; brevet majority and Spanish orders for gallantry before San Sebastian in 18;6 ; selected for special duty with the fleet in 1854, but taken ill on the way out, and retired on full pay.

wife, see BALFOUR.

William Thomson (b. 1824), Baron Kelvin (1892), P.C., O.M., F.R.S., and numerous other distinctions ; eminent mathematical physicist ; inventor of mirror galvanometer, of siphon