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da, Marjorie Colvile Strachey, prize offered in 1904 by the British Ambassador in Paris to male and female undergraduates of all colleges in Great Britain, for examination in French ; scholarship at Royal Holloway College, 1904.

Aubrey Strahan (b. 1852), F.R.S., district geologist on the Geological Survey of England and Wales ; author of geological memoirs on Chester, Rhyl, Flint, Isle of Purbeck, Weymouth, South Wales Coalfield, etc., and contributions to scientific journals. - [" Who's Who."]

me fa, Sir George Fisher, General of Royal Artillery ; Commandant of Woolwich Arsenal.

bro, George Strahan, second for Pollock Medal at Addiscombe ; Dep. Surveyor-General of the Trigonometrical Survey of India, 1889; Colonel of Bengal Engineers.

biro, Charles Strahan, Lieutenant-General of Bengal Engineers ; Surveyor-General of India,

1895a fa lire son, Herbert Kynaston (b. 1835), D. D., Camden Medallist and Browne Medallist, 1855 bracketed Senior Classic, 1857 ; Fellow of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1858 ; Principal of Cheltenham Coll., 1874-1888 ; Professor of Greek and Classical Literature, University of Durham, 1889.-[" Who's Who."]