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Publications : " Lectures on Geography " ; " Finances and Public Works of India " (jointly with his brother, Sir John S.) ; various scientific memoirs.-[" Ency. Brit.," and " Who's Who."]

• fa, Sir Henry Strachey (1736-1810), Bart., private secretary to Lord Clive in India; Joint UnderSecretary of State for the Home Department, 1782 ; cr. Baronet, 18oi.-[" Dict. N. Biog.," Suppl. iii.]

me fa, Lieutenant-General Kirkpatrick, W. (1754- 181 2), Orientalist ; military secretary to Marquess Wellesley ; Resident at Poona ; translated Persian works ; expert in Oriental tongues and in Indian manners, customs, and laws.-[" Dict. N. Biog. "]

fa, Edward Strachey(1774-1832), Chief Examiner of correspondence to the India House, the other two being Peacock and James Mill (secretaries' work, writing despatches, etc.).

• bro, Sir Henry Strachey, Bart. (1772-1858), distinguished Indian Civilian, described by James Mill (" Hist. Brit. India," vol. vi., chap. vii.) as

the most intelligent of the Company's servants."

•   bro, Richard Strachey, Resident at Lucknow and Gwalior.

me si, Isabella Barbara Buller, a well-known centre of literary and political society.

bro, Sir John Strachey, G.C.S.I., eminent Indian statesman ; Lieutenant-Governor of the N. W. Provinces ; Financial Member of Governor-General's Council; Member of Council of India. Publications