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Thomas Roscoe Rede Ste b b i n g (b. 18 3 5) (Rev.), F.R.S., naturalist ; authority on Crustacea ; prepared the report on the Amphipoda of the "Challenger" expedition; author of many works on natural history.-[" Who's Who."]

fa, Henry Stebbing (1799-1883), D.D., F.R.S.,

poet, preacher, and historian ; editor of the "Athenaeum" almost from its commencement, 182S; published a continuation to H ume and Smollet's history, " Lives of the Italian Poets," etc.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

me bro, William Griffin, Vice-Admiral.

br-o, William Stebbing, Scholar of Lincoln Coll., scholar and Fellow of Worcester Coll., Oxford, first-class Mods., 1852 ; first-class Lit. Hum., 1853, first-class Law and History, 1854 ; for nearly thirty years on the staff of the " Times " as leader writer, and second to the late Mr. Delane in the editorship.

[" Who's Who."]

G. Johnstone Stoney (b. 1826), D.Sc. F.R.S. ; Professor of Natural Philosophy in late Queen's University, Ireland ; memoirs on the "Physical Constitution of the Sun and Stars," on the " Internal Motion of Gases," etc.-[" Who's Who."]   '

me bro, William Bindon Blood, Professor of Engineering ; author of professional papers.

me bro son, Sir Bindon Blood (b. 1842), K.C. B., Commander of the Forces in Punjab ; distinguished