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fa fa, William Roscoe (1753-1831), historian, poet, and philanthropist ; author of " Lives of Lorenzo de' Medici," of Leo X.," and of several volumes of verse ; M. P. for Liverpool, i806i80-promoter and first President of its Royal Institu tion. [" Diet. N. Biog."]

fa, Henry Roscoe (18oo-1836), biographer, in eluding Life of his father.-[" Diet. N. Biog."]

•   bro, Thomas Roscoe (1791-1870, miscellaneous writer and translator.-[" Diet. N. Biog."]

fa bro, William Stanley Roscoe, poet.-[" Diet. N. Biog."]

•   bro, Robert Roscoe, poet, wrote " King Alfred."

me, Maria, nee Fletcher, artist and authoress, wrote " Life of Vittoria Colonna."

me si, Harriet Fletcher, authoress of " Tales for Children."

•   bro son, William Caldwell Roseoe (1822-1859), poet and essayist.-[" Diet. N. Biog."]

• si soil, William Stanley Jevons (1835-1882), F.R.S., economist and logician ; Professor of Logic and Political Economy at Owens Coll., 1866-1879; at University Coll., London, 1876-1880 ; influential writer. [" Diet. N. Biog."]

me si son, Rt. Hon. Charles Booth, P. C., F.R.S. (q.v. ).

me si son, Charles Crompton.-See BOOTH. me si son, Henry Crompton.-See BOOTH.

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