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F.R.S. ; notable in the development of turbine navigation ; proprietor and director of electrical and engineering works.

William Matthew Flinders Petrie (b. r8J3), D. C. L., Lit.D., LL. D., Ph. D., F.R.S. ; Edwards Professor of Egyptology, University Coll., London, since 1892. Principal discoveries : Greek settlements at Naucratis and Daphnx ; prehistoric Egyptian at Koptos and Naqada ; inscription of Israelite War at Thebes ; Kings of the earliest dynasties at Abydos ; has published much on these subjects.

[" Who's Who," and " Ency. Brit."]

fa fez fa, Martin Petrie, Commissary-General ; good administrator.

fez fa, William Petrie, Commissary-General.

me fa, Matthew Flinders (1774-1813), naval

captain ; assisted George Bass to survey the coast of New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land, r 795r 8oo ; in command of the " Investigator," and afterwards of the " Porpoise " and " Cumberland "; made the first survey of a large part of the Australian

coast, r 8o r - r 8o3.-[" Dict. N. Biog."]

fa, William Petrie, civil engineer ; first exhibitor of electric light on a large scale, 1848 ; inventor of various apparatus for that and chemical industries.

me, Ann Flinders Petrie, writer of some bookss

and articles popularizing mineralogy, about 1840


learned both Hebrew and Greek without a teacher.