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mander Royal Navy ; passed second into the " Britannia."

son, Robert Singleton McClintock, Brevet-Major R. E. ; scholar at Charterhouse ; served on Sir G. Willcocks' staff in the relief of Coomassie, 1900, and was mentioned in despatches.

Sir Clements R. Markham (b. 1830), K.C.B., F.R.S., President for many years of the Royal Geograph. Soc. ; served in Arctic Expedition, 1850- 1851 ; travelled in Peru, 1852-1854, bringing thence cinchona -bearing trees for cultivation in India ; geographer to the Abyssinian Expedition ; author and editor of numerous geographical works. - [" Ency. Brit.," xxx. 544; "Who's Who."]

•   fa, William Markham (1760-1815 ), scholar ; secretary to Warren Hastings in India.

• bro son, Lieutenant - General Sir Edwin Markham (b. 1833), K.C.B., R. E., constant active service.-[" Who's Who."]

• bro son, Admiral Sir Albert Markham (b. 1841), K.C.B., Commander of the " Alert " in Arctic Expedition, 1875-1876; various high naval appointments, besides unprofessional work when unemployed on naval duties.-[" Who's Who."]

me bro son, Right Hon. Sir Frederick Milner,

Bart. (b. 1849), P.C., politician.-[" Who's Who."] me si son, Right Hon. Francis Foljambe (b. 1830),

P.C., politician.-[" Who's Who."]