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Chancellor of the London University ; Deputy Governor of Royal Exchange Ass. Corp.- [" Dict.

N. Biog."]

6i-o, Sir Neville Lubbock, K. C. M. G., Chairman West India Committee ; Governor of the Royal Exchange Ass. Corp. ; Chairman of New Colonial Company, etc.-[" Who's Who."]

brio, Edgar Lubbock, LL. B., director of the Bank of England ; law scholar of University of London ; passed first, and obtained Clifford's Inn prize in Law Soc. Exam.-r" Who's Who."]

Sir Francis Leopold McClintock (b. 1819), K. C. B ., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Admiral retired ; Elder Brother of Trinity House ; served in four Arctic voyages ; discovered fate of Franklin's expedition, 1859 ; author of " The Fate of Sir John Franklin " and " The Voyage of the Fox."-[" Who's Who."]

fa me, Patience McClintock, nee Foster, came of a family which showed in most of its branches a high level of ability, and had several distinguished members. Thus, reckoning relationships from her, we find her

fa, John William Foster, M. P.

fa b2o, Anthony Foster (a'. 1778), M.P., Chief Baron of Exchequer, Ireland.

fa bvo son, John Foster, Baron Oriel (174.01828) ;Speaker of Irish House of Commons