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fa, Joseph Jackson Lister (1786-1869), F.R.S., optical investigator, especially in connection with the principles of the achromatic microscope, also author of contributions to Zoology, Phil. Trans.[" Dict. N. Biog."]

bro, Arthur Lister (b. 18 8,o), F. R. S. ; botanist ; author of monograph on the Mycetozoa. ["Who's Who."]

bro son, Joseph Jackson Lister, F.R.S., biologist ; Fellow of St. John's Coll., Cambridge.-[" Who's Who."]

bro son, Arthur Hugh Lister, Ass. Phys., Aberdeen Infirmary; obtained " three stars " at University examination, Aberdeen.

bro da, Gulielma Lister, contributed papers to Linna~an journal," and, in connection with her brother, to "Journal of Botany."

Sir Oliver Lodge (b. 1851), F.R.S., D. Sc., London, Oxon, and Vict., LL.D., St. Andrews and Glasgow ; Principal of the University of Birmingham since 1900 ; Professor of Physics, University Coll., Liverpool, 18S I-1900 ; author of various works on physics, and of articles in the " Hibbert Journal."-[" Who's Who."]

fa bro. Robert J. Lodge, for many years Secretary of the Marine Insurance Company, and reckoned a man of considerable ability in the city.

bro, Richard Lodge (b. 1855), Professor of History, Edinburgh, since 1899 ; First Professor of